Pricing for flights

Pricing for flights

Name Description Price
Private flight at Sunrise A flight for two people in a sport-size balloon $1500 for two people, $300 each for an additional passenger
Private flight at Sunset A flight for two people in a sport-size balloon $1995 for two people, $300 each for an additional passenger
Group flight Ride with up to six people in a larger balloon $325 per person
Tether operation Giving lots of people a short ride at your event while the
balloon is attached to the ground
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Flight lesson Individual training on flying a hot air balloon Call Bob for info
Balloon package A custom experience tailored just for you, like a weekend get-away, a wedding package, etc Call Bob for options

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Splash and dash!

Picture above is a "splash and dash", in which the balloon barely touches water, then takes back off

Packages and Prices

Welcome the sun or bid it farewell. Balloon rides are offered at sunrise and about two hours prior to sunset. Reservations are taken for flights and gift certificates are available.

Participate in the ultimate fantasy and adventure of hot air ballooning with our FAA Certified Balloons and Pilots and join in with our professionally trained ground crews.

The entire adventure lasts approximately three hours with the flight time lasting about one hour depending on friendly and safe landing sites. Pilots will brief passengers how to best enjoy the flight and what to expect.

Passengers and others are welcomed and encouraged to lend a hand with the set up and inflation, as well as the post flight pack up of the balloon as many find this a very enjoyable part of the ballooning experience.

Private Flight: You will have the balloon to yourselves, except for the Pilot of course.

Group Flight: Join others in the basket and share the experience and fun as well as a lower price per passenger.

Tether Operation: With the balloon attached by ropes to the ground, we can take dozens of people up for a quick trip off the ground. Great for private events and parties, so that lots of people can experience the wonder of a hot air balloon.

Flight Lesson: Interested in becoming a pilot yourself? Bob is a commercially rated pilot, certified to train other pilots, and has lots of experience doing so.

Balloon Package: We can custom design a package for you, such as a weekend get-a-way, lodging, meals, limos, etc. Weddings, engagements, surprises, almost anything you can imagine.

The fine print

Reservation is subject to the weather - if the weather is not suitable for flying, we will contact you to reschedule your balloon ride. If you are not able to reschedule the flight, you will still be subject to the online booking fee.

Fees are non-refundable.

Don't forget your camera!

Long pants, low heeled shoes, hats for taller passengers, and casual clothing is recommended. It does not get colder as we fly, so whatever is suitable on the ground will be fine in the air. Winter Flights are not as cold as one might think as we fly with the wind, there is no wind chill!

Traditional Champagne Ceremony upon landing. (Sparkling Cider on request)

We prefer our passengers to be a minimum of 6 years old, able to listen and understand basic instructions. Our oldest passenger so far was 93 years old. You should be able to jump off a kitchen chair (18 inches) and be able to get in and out of the basket, unassisted. Please no pregnant passengers without a Doctor's note.

CANCELLATION "NO SHOW" POLICY - 72 Hour notice to cancel scheduled flight. Should a customer fail to show up for a scheduled flight on a flyable day, they may be subject to a rescheduling fee.

Balloons for a wedding

Want a balloon at your wedding?

We can do that! Flying away from the ceremony is possible if the weather and timing is just right, but we can also do tether rides at a wedding ceremony so that all the guests can go up a short distance in the balloon.